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BLK support clamps

The BLK are suitable for mounting various parts of air conditioning systems and exhaust systems on structural beams in combination with threaded ends. It is used where drilling is not allowed or too time-consuming.


The clamps are suitable for threaded rods of M06, M08, M10 and M12.


The BLK support clamps are manufactured out of galvanized steel. The clamps can be fastened on beams with a maximum thickness of 19mm.

material: galvanised steel
diameter range: M6, M8, M10 and M12
load: tested: recommended:
BLK006: 620 kg 90 kg
BLK008: 680 kg 110 kg
BLK010: 680 kg 110 kg
BLK012: 1725 kg 340 kg
Technical specifications
Dutch specification
German specification
English specification
Product images
not available
M6 BLK006 n.a. n.a.
M8 BLK008 100 96
M10 BLK010 100 54
M12 BLK012 50 72

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