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Quadrodec rectangular suspension bracket

The Quadrodec suspension bracket is used for suspending rectangular Quadrodec channels.

The bracket is manufactured from sendzimir galvanized steel and has a fixed dimension. The top of the bracket is provided with a welded-on nut in which a threaded rod can be attached. This nut can process forces up to 1000 kg.

The bracket comes with a EPDM inner jacket. This epdm lining prevents the transmission of vibrations.

material band: galvanized steel
material locking screw: galvanized steel
material sbr lining: epdm
temperature range: -30 to 120 °C
dimension range: 220 x 55 mm
  250 x 80 mm
Technical specifications
Dutch specification
German specification
English specification
Product images
not available
220 x 55 mm QDRB220X55 10 300
250 x 80 mm QDRB250X80 10 1620

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