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In recent years, DEC International has been fully committed to the development of sustainable and energy-saving products, in which we kept mankind and environment in mind as guiding principle. With this philosophy, we have developed several products that combined, but also separately, save on energy and environment and provide a better living environment.

Within the Greendec system you can choose from the following products:

  • Greendec type Wrapdec: an innovative insulation pad that allows existing air ducts to be isolated in a simple yet effective manner. The Wrapdec is available in several models: there are socks for t-joints, corner pieces and joints. The Wrapdec ensures a very good insulation, but also a beautiful finish of the system.
  • Greendec type DFB plate filter box: the DFB plate filter box is suitable to fit into a circular duct system, where a lower particle separation rate is sufficient. Due to its small size the DFB is suitable in areas with limited space.
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  • Greendec type Ecodec: on request, all our DEC branded flexible ducts can be ordered with an antimicrobial inner layer. The efficiency of the anti-microbial inner layer has been established through extensive testing by an independent laboratory. The full report is available on request.
  • Greendec type Connectdec: in the interest of ease of installation, saving time and the prevention of energy loss, DEC International has developed a distinctive connection system for HVAC installations. The air tightness of this standardized Connectdec system is excellent due to the construction and the rubber ring. This results in minimal leakage, which saves energy.
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  • Greendec type Smoothdec: a semi-flexible plastic duct with antimicrobial characteristics. Also available with insulation material for use in unheated areas.
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  • Greendec type Quadrodec: The Quadrodec is a flexibele duct, constructed from one layer of corrugated galvanized steel. The special seamed joint creates a very high air tightness and flexibility.
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