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DVSC exhaust air valve

The DVSC is an exhaust air valve suitable for houses, office buildings etc.


  • quick and easy to install
  • very low noise level
  • good adjustment features
  • airflow is easy to measure
  • air flow can be changed stepless


The DVSC is manufactured from steel sheet. The valve is powder coated for a high surface finish and good impact and scratch resistance. The valve has an optimum sealing through the combination of sealing tape and bayonet type closure.

Standard color white (RAL 9010). Other colors available on request with a minimum order quantity and different delivery times.

material valve: steel sheet
material gasket tape: synthetic foam rubber
protection against corrosion: powder coating
diameter range: 80-200 mm
appearance: white (ral 9010)
Technical specifications
Dutch specification
German specification
English specification
Product images
not available
80 DVSC080 8 182
100 DVSC100 8 182
125 DVSC125 8 144
150 DVSC150 8 67
160 DVSC160 8 67
200 DVSC200 8 56

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