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In the interest of ease of installation, saving time and the prevention of energy loss, DEC International has developed a distinctive connection system for HVAC installations. The air tightness of this standardised Connectdec system is excellent due to the construction and the rubber ring. This results in minimal leakage, which saves energy.

Because it is easy to connect, it is convenient and saves time. It does not need hose clamps and also does not need to be sealed with tape. With the Connectdec system, DEC International is a trendsetter in Europe. It is an ideal connection system that is used in several new series. In addition, an insulation sleeve is available that prevents condensation and thermal bridges, so other installation parts are not affected. How about that for profit!

Connectdec type Combidec GLX

A perforated aluminum/polyester laminate inner duct, thermally and acoustically insulated with a glass wool layer and provided with a Combidec outer jacket.

Connectdec type Akudec

A strong, flexible and corrugated aluminium inner duct with a aluminium laminate outer jacket. The space between the inner and outer ducts is filled with 25 mm sound absorbing material.

Connectdec type Compacdec

A flexibele duct, constructed from two layers of corrugated aluminium. The special seamed joint creates a very high air tightness and flexibility.

Connectdec type Non-woven

The Connectdec type Non-woven consists of a polypropylene cloth inner core, thermally and acoustically insulated with a glass wool layer and provided with aluminum/polyester laminate outer jacket, the inner hose is hydrophobic and anti-bacterial.

Connectdec type Sonodec 25 TRD

A perforated aluminum inner duct, thermical insulated with a glass wool layer and provided with an aluminium laminated outer jacket. A polyester barrier between the duct and the glass wool prevents the diffusion of glass wool particles.

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