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DVSQ-P supply air valve

The design air valve DVSQ-P is a square, quiet supply air valve and suitable for air distribution in offices, houses etc.

The design of the diffuser in combination with the mounting collar, spring lock and a foam ring ensures a good sealing.


  • quick and easy to install
  • very low noise level
  • good adjustment features
  • airflow is easy to measure


The DVSQ-P is manufactured from powder coated steel sheet. The powder coating gives a high surface finish and good impact and scratch resistance.

Standard color white (RAL 9010). Other colors available on request with a minimum order quantity and different delivery times.

material valve: steel sheet
protection against corrosion: powder coating
diameter range: 100-125 mm
appearance: white (ral 9010)
Technical specifications
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German specification
English specification
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100 DVSQ-P100 1 1176
125 DVSQ-P125 1 700

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