Holidays 2018

Herewith we would like to inform you that due to the holiday season, our company will be closed at the following dates:


Good Friday: Friday, March 30 2018


2nd day of Easter, April 2 2018


Kingsday: Friday, April 27 2018


Ascension Day: Thursday, May 10 2018


Pentecost Monday, Monday, May 21 2018


We thank you in advance for your timely planning and kind understanding.


We thank you in advance for your kind understanding.

ESF Project

In 2016 we started the European project "ESF - sustainable employability" on the topic "working for a healthy and safe working environment". This involves the implementation of interventions in the broad term of healthy and safe working practices.

Tauw B.V. has been asked to support us with the implementation of this project.


Since 1994 we are as a company ISO 9001 certified and we have gone through many revisions of this standard. In September 2015, the new version of the ISO standard was published: ISO 9001:2015. We didn't evade this revision either. From February 7 2016 we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We pay close attention to improveme quality in all areas and we will continue to do so in our passion for flexibility!

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